Greetings from Their Royal Majesties

Our final missive is one of gratitude.

We find ourselves lacking the words to convey the gratitude we feel for this opportunity to be the Crowns of Avacal.  We enjoyed the opportunity to travel this Kingdom as your Sovereigns. Getting to see the populace and give recognition to Our talented Avacalians is a joy. We would not have been able to do this without the help and support of so many. To say thank you is not enough. But it does need to be said. Thank you to our retinue, to the Kingdom officers for keeping things running smoothly, to the makers that donated largesse and gifts, and to the people of Avacal for your support. We are honored to have been your King and Queen. We wish Their Royal Highnesses the best in their upcoming reign.

In service to Avacal and the Dream, now and always. 

Kvigr and Svava King and Queen of Avacal

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