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  • I made this awesome 9th century slavic garb

    I made this awesome 9th century slavic garb

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  • My SCA project

    My SCA project

    Here are some boots I made

  • New rigid materials guidelines

    New rigid materials guidelines

    Hello Avacal, Based upon the questions we have had in the last while about rigid material in the fencing community a testing procedure has been developed.  We tried to keep the test materials basic and ones that can be commonly found.  Using this procedure untreated leather was tested and it has been found that 10oz…

  • Event Submission Class

    Event Submission Class

    With permission from the crown there will be a mandatory event submissions class October 19th @ 7pm via Zoom.Each branch’s seneschal is expected to be there, as well as one other officer per branch. (*) Anyone interested is welcomed to attend. Class duration is expected to be under 1 hour. YIS,MedbAvacal Calendar Officer (*) If…

  • September 2023 Curia Minutes

    September 2023 Curia Minutes

    The Minutes from Curia at September Crown are now available:

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