From the King and Queen

Greetings Avacal, 

Thank you to everyone that made our Coronation such a wonderful day. We were well looked after, by wonderful friends and retinue. We appreciate everyone taking the time to join us at the event and especially appreciate our out of Kingdom guests making the journey. It was wonderful to see you all! To the event and feast stewards, and all the volunteers of this Kingdom thank you for making the day what it was. 

We would also like to thank our newest Duke and Countess, Wernar and Sadb, for a job well done. 

Avacal, without you our game would not be what it is. This Kingdom is special, and our Populace makes it so. We wish to recognize those that contribute in deeds and generosity. Please let us know of the works of our wonderful populace and send in recommendations so that we may recognize them. 

In service to the Dream,

Kvigr and Svava
King and Queen,

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