I made this awesome 9th century slavic garb

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Membership Renewal Portal Temporarily Down

It has been brought to our attention that with the website down some people can not renew their memberships on the SCA Website portal. We have spoken to the society senechal about a possible allowance for people to not have their memberships for crown as long as they get them as soon as the website is back up and running. This will NOT be allowed, because there is another option. One most of us have not used in some time but it still exists. You can renew and/or get a new membership by E-mail. With Crown only 3 weeks away there is still time to use this option, so we encourage everyone that needs to, to use the email option as soon as possible. I would hate to see anyone that wanted to be competing in Crown be sitting on the sidelines.

Kvigr & Svava
King and Queen

You can fill it out and email it to: membership@sca.org