Tutorial Page

Welcome to the Tutorial!

WordPress comes with super handy blocks to make the process of making pages super easy!

How to create fancy cards

These are specific elements that go with the overall design of the Kingdom Website Theme.

This is the column block with 3 columns

This is the first column and this is some paragraph text

I have a grey background that makes me look like stone

this the caption of the picture added to the column

This is the second column with an XL header and a white background and red font

the separator is at default length

This is the third column with a fancy linked Header (must be H2)

I have a yellow background that makes me look like gold! Please only use me for very important things =)

This is a new Column block with 2 columns split evenly, this is the daylight color

My background color is green!

The font of the button is blue to make it more visible. The radius (corners) of the button is set to 10px

This is the second column with an H1 header, a font size of 55, yellow text and a black background

This is another column block with just this column with a blue (‘alt blue’) background

this is a an H1 header

And this is an H2 header

As you can see, the H1 header is less visible than the H2 due to a lack of text shadow, please make sure you use high contrast colors when using H1

This has a red background

This has a dark red background

its called ‘Primary’ in the color selection menu

And this has a blue background

This has a patterned background

“custom background” in the color selection menu

Column background colors without styling

this is a wide line separator

This has a brown background

This has a “daylight” background

This has a ‘dusty sun’ background

This has a “custom shadow” background

And this is the custom gold which is currently not working (will be fixed soon)

The ‘Dos’ and ‘Donts’ of good content design

  • Do make things interesting – Don’t make them too busy
  • Do make things informative – Don’t copy/paste walls of text, nobody will read it
  • Do add images (but sparingly as they increase loading times and our website is primarily for informational purposes)

Uploading Documents

Please do not upload documents to website directly. All documents are uploaded to the Kingdom Microsoft Office 365 account you have access to through your officer email. Your permissions allow you to upload any new documents to your Office folder on OneDrive, instructions on how to do so were included in your website access email.

Should you have further questions, are stuck, something isn’t working, etc. please send me an email