Message From Their Majesties

Unto the Mighty Kingdom of Avacal,

We write to our populace, fresh from the fighting fields of our great summer event, Quad War. The noble Barony of Borealis emerged victorious, but this victory was shared by all who fought, taught, or engaged in the revelry that unfolded before us.

We welcomed esteemed guests from far-off lands, including the noble Kingdoms of Trimaris and Northshield. Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather, the spirit of Quad War persevered, and all were impressed with our tenacity and unique coleslaw making techniques.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generosity displayed by our people. The reports of our successful fundraising efforts filled our court, and we are proud of the lasting impact our contributions will have on the Quad War site.

Next is our journey to the fiftieth Pennsic in early August. While several of our populace are able to attend with us, we shall stand as proxies for all, carrying the spirit of Avacal to the Known World.

Our next home event will be Fall Crown. Join us on the September long weekend at the Quad War Site, where we shall witness, with our populace, the tournament to determine our Heirs and the pageantry of that great contest.

With resolute hearts and unwavering commitment, we stand as one in service to Avacal.

King Gunther and Queen Eyoddi

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