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Krampus is Coming
December 3, 2022 9:30 am
December 3, 2022 11:00 pm
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Are you prepared for Krampus*?

Krampusnacht is only two nights away...can you evade his talons? Can you safeguard the young ones? Can you sing ballads or poems or design a manuscript to distract him from his fell duties?

This fun-filled event is family friendly and should not be scary to children.  There will be space for merchants and lots of activities for those who choose to partake with an evening of bardic during feast. It is required that all pre-register for feast tickets; cut off will be Dec 2. There will be a handful of spare seats available day of the event if we have not met our maximum ticket allotment. Please see Feast Menu for dietary restriction requests.

Event Registration:
Adults: $17 ($5 discount with membership)
Youth (12-17): $8 ($5 discount with membership)
Children (0-11): free

Schedule of Events

9:30 am Doors open and room set up

11:30 am Dodge the Krampus - youth combat (Duke Ivar will test the bravery of our youth warriors with games of combat to avoid getting tagged by the Krampus)

1:00 pm Keep the Children Safe - modified crestfallen tourney for rapier

2:30 pm Sigelhundas Heavy Defendership (details to come)

4:00 pm Sigehundas A&S Defendership (details to come)

5:00 pm Hall flip over to feast layout & bar opens. Themed table settings encouraged.

6:00 pm First remove served. Throughout the feast, bards will be encouraged to share their Krampus inspired stories, songs etc. Please try keep all material suitable for children; we do not want any nightmares. Music will be available for dancing during the third and fourth remove. Final remove will have a theme pinata for the children.

Court at the whim of TRM. If no royalty are in attendance, ducal court will be held to award prizes and gift tokens.

11:00pm Hall closes

Feast fee:
Adults: $15
Youth (12-17): $10
Children (5-11) $5
4 and under:  free

Feast Menu (subject to change)

Remove 1:
- Assorted Dried fruit and nuts
- Olives
- Bread  /  honey butter
- Cheese

Remove 2:
- Potato soup

Remove 3:
- Mushroom onion tarts
- Spinach salad

Remove 4:
- Herb infused roasted turkey
- Grust  (Dough wrapped Bacon encrusted ham )
- Roasted baby potatoes
- Roasted onions

Remove 5:
- Homemade fruit pie with sweet cream

**Gluten, dairy and nut free options available. Please indicate your dietary restrictions in the pre-registration page. Those who do not pre-register may not be able to be accommodated.

*Krampus: The half goat, half monster who’s origins date back to the pre-Christian era, was popularized in central Europe (Germany) by the 12 Century. According to legend, he is the son of Hel, the Norse god of the underworld. Krampus and St. Nicholas are said to arrive on the evening of December 5 (Krampusnacht; “Krampus Night”). While St. Nicholas rewards nice children by leaving presents, Krampus disciplines those who misbehaved, sometimes by hitting them with birch branches, and sometimes by stuffing them into a sack and abducting them. All children at the Krampus is Coming event will be assumed to be good little munchkins and will be rewarded for good behaviour, irrespective of the reports of their parents. Members of the Chivalry are assumed to have behaved irreproachably all year long, and had better watch out, and better not cry.

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